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Welcome to the RuneScape Business Wiki

RuneScape Business Wiki is a a plethora of information that anyone can edit. This sites gives endless opputinies such as catologing types of businesses and business events, setting a community goal [of creating a sufficent RSBS wiki] and creating a lexicon of information for you, the businessmen/women. Ranging from experienced veterans to new entrapreneurs, this site offers something for everyone. If you are learning the robes, simply head over to our business guide and learn the basics, or are you a experienced businessperson wishing to brush up on a few topics, like, what makes a hotel successful? If you are a veteran, we can only hope you write and publish your experience here. While we encourage veterans to contribute their knowledge, We don't discourage the other members of our community. So please, if you are a member, contribute to this wiki!

While this is essentially a community project, There are admistrators (members with more priveledges to edit the site lay-out itself, maintain the wikia by not only contributing but also keeping order, ect) who help the wiki.If you are intereted in becoming an administrator, please follow a link here!